Bangkok Shipowners and Agents Association

Bangkok Shipowners and Agents Association
To co-ordinate shipping services and operations among shipowners, official and unofficial bodies concerned with shipping.
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Sunday, 16 November 2008 23:14

The Bangkok Shipowners and Agents Association (BSAA)

Before BSAA was established, a handful of shipping lines joined together as a grouping known as the Bangkok Shipping Interest (BSI). The group’s main objective was to be a mouthpiece for maritime operators in Thailand, especially when coordinating with government agencies. It was also designed as a center at which members could exchange ideas and information. One of the principal founders of BSI as Mr. Somporn Sanyapreedakul, also known as Mr. K.T. Koh

From the outset, BSI’s members consisted of local shipping lines and a few agents representing foreign shipping lines. As time passed, the world economy, including Thailand’s expanded, international trade boomed and so did the shipping industry.

Because of BSI’s success in dealing with problems and offering benefits to its members, more companies applied for membership in the group. Later it became apparent that a formal association with a real focal point regarding maritime interests was needed. Hence it was that in 1968, the Bangkok Shipowners and Agents Association – or BSAA – was registered as a bona fide trade association.

Members include not only shipping lines and agents, but also logistics providers, port operators, trucking companies, law firms with interests in maritime law, transportation management companies and other maritime related agencies.

Objective :

(a) To promote shipping interest with the goal of dealing with problems facing general shipping interests in Thailand and her territorial waters.

(b) To consult and advise members on shipping problems and offer assistance.

(c) To co-ordinate shipping services and operations among shipowners, official and unofficial bodies concerned with shipping.

(d) To represent and promote the views and policies of the Association to the Thai Government and all other governmental official and non-governmental bodies which may be concerned with shipping.

(e) To promote charity and assist in public welfare.

(f) The Association will not concern itself with freight rate and/or freight arrangements.

(g) The Association will not take part in political activities.

Benefits :

1) BSAA members will receive monthly shipping statistics, notifications, announcements and related matters with English Translation from the Port Authority of Thailand, the Customs Department and the Marine Dept.

2) Member can notify the association of any problems or difficulties with authorities. The Executive Committee will consider whether or not the association should address the matter to the concerned authority.

3) Members can participate in association activities such as :-
- Luncheon meeting with guest speaker.
- Monthly Executive Committee meeting as an observer.
- Golf tournament, both amongst members and with various government agencies.
- Association get-together functions.
- Annual General Meeting.

Type of Memberships:

BSAA membership is divided into two categories:

1. Ordinary Member – any company that is either a ship owner or shipping agent.
2. Associate Member – any other company not classified as an ordinary member.

The final approval for membership is made by the Executive Committee

Membership Fee:

1. Ordinary Member – Baht 2,300 per month
2. Associate Member – Baht 2,000 per month

As from 1st September 2015

DownloadApplication Form here.

Publications :

1. Thailand Shipping Handbook - yearly
2. BSAA News - quarterly

3. Annual Report - yearly


 Download BSAA Brochure here.